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Ayura ganoderma tea, with the unique effects of the combination of ganoderma fungus and matcha tea, 100% VEGAN ingredients, laboratory tested, recommended by a doctor and dietician.

About the beneficial properties of Ayura ganoderma tea:

  • its high antioxidant content helps prevent diseases, strengthens the immune system,
  • supports brain function and concentration by providing long-lasting energy,
  • the combination of caffeine and L-theanine provides ‘wakeful calm’ for hours,
  • can reduce harmful cholesterol levels, helping heart function,
  • speeds up metabolism, which helps to reduce overweight,
  • helps fight cancer cells and reduce the side effects of chemotherapy,
  • may have antibacterial and antidiabetic effects,
  • A VEGAN product,
  • rich in vitamins and minerals,
  • its powdered form gives it 100% matcha tea and ganoderma fungus action,
  • can be used in many ways (tea, matcha latte, smoothie, shake, cake, porridge, etc.)
  • ginger and Pandan leaf are also added as extra ingredients,
  • the product is manufactured exclusively in a laboratory under excellent hygienic conditions
  • Ayura Ganoderma Tea is a product tested in an accredited international laboratory.

Would you like to know more about matcha tea? See our detailed article on the effects, preparation and origin of matcha tea.


Matcha tea

Matcha tea

From reducing stress to increasing your concentration and speeding up your metabolism, there are plenty of reasons why you should start drinking matcha tea! Matcha is not just another trendy drink that gives you an extra boost. Here’s a summary of the scientifically proven reasons why everyone should include this wonder drink in their diet.


1. Provides sustained energy
A natural source of caffeine, it is released gradually into the body rather than in a sudden dose, providing sustained energy for up to 6 hours.
2. Antioxidant bomb
Antioxidants are vital components of our body’s ability to fight free radicals. Free radicals are cell-damaging atoms that are responsible for cancers, ageing, skin damage and weakened immune systems. Matcha contains 14 times more antioxidants than blueberries!
3. Calmes, relaxes
L-theanine is a special active ingredient that increases concentration, alertness and mental energy, while calming and relaxing you and reducing stress.
4. It fights against aging
Its high antioxidant content slows down natural cell damage, helping to slow down the ageing process.
5. It conjures up beautiful skin
Also thanks to its antioxidants, matcha tea consumption helps to prevent dry skin, wrinkles or deeper grooves. It makes your skin glow!
6. Protects against disease
The catechins in matcha tea have antibiotic and antiviral properties, so they keep your immune system strong and protect you from diseases. The EGCG in matcha has also been shown in numerous studies to help fight cancer.
7. Boosts metabolism
Matcha increases the resting metabolic rate (metabolism) by 35-40 percent, thus promoting natural weight loss. It also contains easily absorbed dietary fibre, which helps stabilise blood sugar levels.
8. Burns fat
The main antioxidant found in matcha tea promotes the incorporation of an enzyme that plays an important role in the breakdown of fat cells. You can burn 25% more fat by drinking it before a workout.
9. Improves stamina
In an experiment, the running performance of subjects who were fed green tea extract before the experiment increased by about 30%.
10. Detoxifies
The abundance of chlorophyll, which gives it its beautiful green colour, is a natural detoxifier and diuretic, helping to remove harmful substances from the body.
Matcha is the wonder drink of the tea world, invigorating the mind and body. Traditional tea drinking provides only 10% of the nutrients, however, with matcha tea, the whole tea leaf is ground into a powder and consumed, so you get all the active ingredients of green tea.
It can speed up the metabolism by up to 40% and also helps to breakdown fat cells. Its powerful detoxifying action gives you beautiful skin!
Matcha is a form of green tea that originated over 800 years ago. Initially used only by Buddhist masters and samurai, it has recently spread throughout Europe. The fresh tea leaves are ground into a fine powder, resulting in a remarkable green colour with a great taste and exceptional aroma. Matcha tea contains unique catechins and amino acids.
How is Matcha tea different from traditional green teas?
Matcha is 100% green tea, ground to a fine powder (about 5-10 microns), with no fermentation process, no added colouring, no other additives or preservatives.
When you drink Matcha tea, you get all the benefits of the tea leaf because you are consuming the powdered leaves. This is why Matcha is 10x more effective than a cup of regular green tea. A recent scientific experiment proved that it contains 137 times more EGCG than a regular green tea. EGCG is the most powerful antioxidant that can fight cancer and help burn fats. When you drink Matcha tea, your metabolism will be 30-40% faster, so you can fight overweight more effectively.
The colour of Matcha tea
Matcha is truly 100% green tea. It does not contain any colours, additives or preservatives. Its emerald green colour is due to the chlorophyll it contains, thanks to the shading of the tea plant. Four weeks before the annual harvest, the tea bushes are completely covered. This special technique reduces the sun’s rays by 90%. As a result, the plant grows almost completely in the dark and compensates for the lack of sunlight by producing chlorophyll. It is this increased chlorophyll content that gives the plant its emerald green colour.

According to a recent publication by the American Society of Nutrition, drinking high quality matcha tea stimulates the even distribution of energy in the body, speeding up metabolism by 30-40%. This means that Matcha can significantly help you lose weight. Thanks to the increased metabolism that this high quality tea provides, unlike traditional dietary supplements, Matcha tea does not have any harmful side effects!


Ginger is one of the greatest herbs with healing properties. Let’s see what positive effects it can have. Thanks to the active ingredients found in ginger, this herb has great anti-nausea, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, cough suppressant and antimicrobial effects.

JIt contains significant amounts of vitamins A, C, E and B, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and zinc. You should drink ginger tea every day because ginger is an excellent anti-inflammatory. Ginger is best known for its stomach-soothing and digestive properties: it helps to get rid of accumulated gas, relaxes the muscles of the intestinal tract and reduces bloating. It can also improve your condition if you suffer from diarrhoea or stomach ache due to an infection. To improve digestion, it is a good idea to chew ginger or drink it as a tea after large meals. Ginger strengthens the immune system. It is particularly beneficial when you have a cold or flu. Ginger contains antiviral and antibacterial substances, which reduce fever and soothe coughs. Ayura Matcha Tea’s natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects can also be used when you have menstrual pain. Ginger tea should also be consumed regularly by people with diabetes, as this herb helps to control blood sugar levels, may increase the effectiveness of insulin and may also reduce the risk of various complications associated with diabetes. For the right effects, drink a glass of ginger tea in the morning on an empty stomach. Strengthening the immune system Supporting and maintaining the digestive system is one of the basic requirements for immune defence. So by stimulating the stomach, ginger helps to keep the immune system strong and healthy. Therefore, it is not only recommended in the event of illness or complaints, but also during the symptom-free weekdays, as its use helps to maintain health. Prevent colds Ginger can be an effective remedy for almost all cold symptoms. The most ideal way to consume it in this situation is ginger tea. Ginger tea helps to bring down the fever and helps to eradicate both bacteria and viruses. Relieving pain caused by arthritis Ginger has the effect of improving blood circulation and inhibiting inflammation, thus helping in the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis. If your goal is to treat arthritis, then the most effective uses of ginger for you will be tea and a spa bath. Relieving migraine The analgesic effect of ginger is equivalent to that of many medicinal products. So, if you are one of those who are reluctant to take medication for mild pain, ginger will be perfect for relieving migraine headaches. In case of migraine, drink ginger tea. Help with weight loss Like most spicy foods (such as peppers), ginger is a natural way to boost your metabolism. The ‘spiciness’ of ginger raises the body’s temperature, which helps to dissolve fat so that it cannot be stored more deeply in the body’s tissues. Ginger can therefore help to make your diet more effective and bring you one step closer to achieving your desired weight. (+1: Ginger’s effect on the skin: not only can ginger help you lose weight, but its high vitamin C content can also make your skin cellulite-free.) Help for diabetes Ginger is also recommended for people with diabetes. It is very effective in keeping blood sugar levels under control.


Pandan levél

Pandan leaf

The health benefits of pandan leaf are extremely beneficial as it also helps in lowering blood sugar levels. A study published in the journal Pharmacognosy Magazine proves that pandan leaf extract can lower blood sugar levels after meals. Pandan leaf extract may also stimulate insulin production in pancreatic cells. In general, pandan leaf may be a natural source of anti-hyperglycemic properties.

Not only can green coconut water eliminate or neutralize toxins, but pandan leaf tea can also. Pandan leaves are very effective in detoxifying the body, especially the liver. Not only does it neutralise, but these leaves help release toxins and impurities from the body. Relieves pain Pandan leaves contain analgesic properties that can provide painkiller from headaches, chest pain and arthritis. To use pandan leaves as a painkiller, you can drink pandan tea twice a day. Pandan leaves can also reduce stomach cramps.

Ganoderma Fungus

Ganoderma Lucidum – called a sealing wax fungus in Hungarian – helps to restore the organized balance of the body, strengthens the immune system, the body’s ability to self-heal.
Its compounds support the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor effects.

The main active ingredients of Ganoderma are polysaccharides and organic germanium. It has been used in China for thousands of years as a remedy for many diseases caused by over acidification and toxins, by treating the root cause of the ailment. It helps with various digestive problems, contains valuable nutrients, essential amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, polyphenols, minerals, trace elements and antioxidants.

Ganoderma Gomba

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