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The latest addition to our product range is the perfect choice to support the immune system to function more effectively, thanks to its selected ingredients and the unique manufacturing process. It contains high quality pro- and prebiotics, which together with increased amounts of herbal active ingredients, are perfect for helping the overwhelmed body of today’s man.

The AYURA PROBIO- HERB drink is a complex, quality product created by ancient Ayurvedic knowledge and the most modern nanotechnology of the 21st century.

We recommend its consumption to those

– whose immune system needs support,
– who are under constant mental or physical stress,
– who wish to balance the body-mind-spirit harmony,
– who recognise that in our fast-paced, stressful world, with a diet full of chemicals and preservatives, our bodies need natural, chemical-free support
– who prefer to eat it for its sweeter taste, even for children


Vegetable elixir can be consumed by anyone, even continuously. Children from 3 years old can drink. It is best drunk in the morning on an empty stomach with plenty of fluids, after eating in case of inflammatory bowel disease.
The initial daily dose is 30 ml, which can be gradually increased up to 120 ml, divided into 1 to 4 doses.
Store in the refrigerator after opening and shake before consumption.

Production number and production date (day/month/year): on the neck of the bottle
Place of origin: Thailand
Distributes: Ayura Herbal Kft.
Packaging: one bottle contains 500 ml net of drinks.

The product is not a substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle, nor is it a substitute for medical treatment or a cure.
For any existing known medical condition, consult your doctor before use.
Keep out of reach of children for safety reasons.

Ayura Probio Juice Ingredients: : hibiscus, carrot, bengal pepper, celery, kidney beans, tooth tear, brown rice, mung bean, black sesame seeds, lemongrass, chilli, gotu kola, saffron safflower, green tea, ginger, tamarind, coriander root, moringa, guda , sugar cane, guava, grape juice, apple juice, rice milk, zedoaria, turmeric, docudami, drinking water.