Healthy sweeteners for coffee

Almost everyone is now aware that excessive sugar consumption can cause many health problems, be it obesity, diabetes or other diseases. There are many ways of replacing sugar, for example artificial sweeteners have been around for decades, but fortunately natural sweeteners are also available and their health benefits have been proven in several studies. The most affected by this issue are diabetics, many of whom are coffee drinkers, for whom it is very important to be able to replace sugar with natural and healthy sweeteners.

Below we would like to present three of these natural sweeteners that can be good alternatives to coffee.


Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that is made from birch bark, which is why it is also called birch sugar. It is also found naturally in fruits and vegetables. Its crystalline structure makes it similar in appearance to regular sugar, but it is sweeter than regular sugar, so less is needed


Erythritol is also a sugar alcohol with a sweetening power of about 60-80% of that of ordinary sugar. It retains its sweet taste up to 160 ℃ and has no aftertaste. Its glycaemic index is 0, so it does not raise blood sugar levels and can be consumed by dieters and diabetics. A significant part of it is absorbed in the small intestine, so it has no laxative effect and does not cause tooth decay.


Stevia is made from the leaves of a plant called Stevia Rebaudiana, so it is also a natural sweetener. In Ayura cappuccinos we also use stevia as a natural sweetener instead of sugar. It was already known by the Guarana Indians many hundreds of years ago.

It is about 2-3 times sweeter than sugar, so you can use much less. It has a glycaemic index of 0, contains virtually no calories, so in addition to diabetics and hyperglycaemic patients, it can be a very good choice for weight loss, bodybuilders, athletes.

Its sweet taste reduces sugar cravings, and by making you feel full, it makes you crave less food, which also helps to reduce calorie intake.

But the health benefits of stevia do not end there. Other positive properties include the fact that it inhibits the growth of acidifying bacteria in the oral cavity, thus preventing tooth decay and gingivitis.

It also has a beneficial, stabilising effect on blood sugar levels, but stevia is also a good choice for blood pressure, as it has vasodilating properties that reduce blood pressure and is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It keeps digestion in good order, increases energy levels and mental alertness, but also has a positive effect on our mood. It also contains vitamins A and C, zinc, iron, magnesium, rutin and phosphorus.

It has no adverse reactions, so anyone from children to the elderly can safely use it not only to flavour coffee or tea, but also for baking and cooking.

Based on the above, we recommend that everyone should choose natural sugar substitutes instead of unhealthy sugar, as they are much healthier and are now widely available.

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