Slim weight loss capsules – frequently asked questions

How long should I take Ayura Slim Weight Loss pills?

Taking Ayura Slim fat burning tablets is both necessary until you reach your desired weight and can also help you maintain your ideal weight after the diet. The product is particularly effective for detoxification, metabolism acceleration, bowel and general cleansing. The fast weight loss is effective due to the appetite suppressant effect of the tablets consumed. The Ayura Slim slimming pill belongs to the group of weight loss pills that can be taken as a cure if you want to make your cleansing regimen even more effective.

After how long can I expect results?

The weight loss process is different for each person while taking Ayura Slim fat burning tablets. Some people start detoxifying and losing weight faster while taking the slimming pill, while others start losing weight later, but ultimately everyone reaches the desired weight. If the lifestyle and diet prescribed by the doctor and the dietician are followed during the cleansing and weight loss cure, significant results and rapid weight loss can be expected in just two weeks or so of using Ayura Slim appetite suppressant, fat burning tablets. The weight loss process starts with detoxification in the first weeks, based on accelerating the metabolism.

Why is it good to speed up the metabolism?

The first step in the action of a weight loss pill is detoxification, during which the acceleration of metabolism plays the main role. This prevents fats from being deposited, as accelerated digestion means that fats do not have time to be absorbed by the body, so effective weight loss and weight loss results are rapid. When taking Ayura Slim Capsules, you will first experience a thinner stool, due to the effect of the hot pepper chilli, everyone knows this. The second reason is that the capsule inhibits the absorption of fat, this can cause softer stools. The third is that it triggers a detoxification process, which can sometimes lead to a more dilute stool. If you feel the initial detoxification causing the diluted stools, we recommend that you only start taking Ayura Slim gradually, with 1 capsule every evening for a few days. Now let’s look at the other side of things. A large part of the adult population is constipated, especially women. In these cases it may even have a therapeutic effect. Drinking plenty of fluids is very important.

Who can take Ayura Slim Weight Loss Tablets?

Ayura Slim is a weight loss, appetite suppressant, detoxifying product, tested by an Accredited Laboratory, containing 100% natural ingredients, and is also OÉGYI certified (OÉGYI number 20146/2018. Laboratory tests have proven that it has no known side effects, so it can be taken by anyone who wants fast weight loss and effective detoxification. If you want to speed up your metabolism or make your cleanse even more effective, we recommend taking this safe, controlled, appetite suppressant, fat burning pill. Ayura Slim Capsules are vegan and can be taken by people with diabetes, lactose and gluten intolerance.

How long will it take me to get the Weight Loss Pill?

Ayura Slim Weight Loss Tablets are delivered within 3 working days of ordering by post or parcel service.

Are there any side effects of Ayura Slim Weight Loss Tablet?

Initially, it is recommended to take 1 capsule per day for a few days, after which it is recommended to increase to 2 capsules per day (1 capsule in the morning, 1 capsule in the evening). The Ayura Slim weight loss tablets are a weight loss, appetite suppressant, detoxifying product, tested by an Accredited Laboratory, containing 100% natural ingredients, and is also OÉGYI certified (OÉGYI number 20146/2018. Laboratory tests have proven that it has no known side effects.

How to take the Ayura Slim Weight Loss Tablets?

To take the fat burning pill, to achieve the desired detoxifying, metabolism accelerating, appetite suppressing and ultimately weight loss effects, 1 Ayura Slim capsule is recommended in the evening at the beginning of the diet (for a few days) during which time your body will become familiar with the ingredients and thus start to work in a smooth way to reduce the slimming effect. Once your body has become familiar with the beneficial ingredients of the capsules, to achieve the desired results, we recommend 2 Ayura Slim Capsules per day, 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening, taken half an hour before meals with plenty of fluids (water) throughout the day.

Who else should take Ayura Slim Capsules?

Ganoderma coffee – frequently asked questions

How is a ganoderma coffee different from an Arabica coffee or green coffee?

In addition to the high quality Arabica coffee a new special ingredient has been added to Ayura Black Coffee, a miracle mushroom that is the elixir of youth: the ganoderma fungus. In Japanese it is called reishi, in Chinese lingzhi, and in Hungarian it is called pecsétviaszgomba.

Ganoderma is the king of medicinal plants, the most powerful alkalizing plant and officially a fungus. It neutralizes the negative effects of tannins and caffeine without giving ganoderma coffee a mushroom taste. Ayura coffee specialties contain 2% ganoderma, or more precisely ganoderma active ingredient, because it is not ground mushrooms, but an aqueous extract of the active ingredients of ganoderma mycelium and ganoderma spores.

See our detailed article on ganoderma coffee, where we have gone through A-Z of useful information and questions on the subject.

How is ganoderma coffee different?

Ganoderma is an adaptogenic medicinal fungus, which means it helps the body to adapt to changed circumstances, to return to normal. This makes it possible for Ayura coffee specialities to be consumed by people with high and low blood pressure, as ganoderma coffee adjusts blood pressure to the correct values, whether the starting situation is high or low blood pressure.

The main ingredient in ganoderma coffee is ganoderma, a blood vessel maintainer. The effects of coffee: it clears the walls of blood vessels at the capillary level, thus improving blood circulation, aiding detoxification, increasing oxygen uptake and its transportable quantity, thus improving thinking, sleep, and well-being and performance. Because ganoderma is a strong alkaliser, it helps to maintain the body’s PH at the right level, and can therefore help with weight loss, as obesity is the body’s defence against acidification.

How are the effects of Ayura Black Coffee and Ayura Cappuccino ganoderma coffee different from other ganoderma and Arabica coffee or chicory coffee?

The Ayura Black Coffee and Ayura Cappuccino products are made with much more and more effective herbs than other chicory coffee or green coffee. Ayura Coffee Mix contains excellent ingredients for the body and for maintaining our health compared to competing products on the market. The taste of Ayura Black Coffee and Cappuccino with Ganoderma Fungus fully recreates all the pleasures of drinking coffee. Thanks to this, with 1 cup of coffee or cappuccino, you won’t even notice how much herbs you’ve got in your body, making your everyday life healthier.

How is Ayura Black Coffee and Ayura Cappuccino different from green coffee or chicory coffee?

Chicory coffee and green coffee do not contain the healthy ingredients that give our bodies a great amount of support in our everyday lives.

Who should drink Ayura black coffee and cappuccino?

We recommend it to anyone who wants a truly refreshing coffee rich in ganoderma fungus arabica coffee that both maintains and improves health

What are the effects of Ayura Coffee Mix?

The effects of coffee, thanks to the powerful herbs, are almost limitless, but we’ll highlight a few of them:

  • Arabica coffee: it can reduce sleepiness, boredom and fatigue, dilate the bronchi, improve and strengthen the contractile capacity of the muscles, help the digestive process, at the liver level, it can trigger bile production and help the gallbladder, while at the intestinal level, it can help intestinal movements.
  • Ganoderma fungus: may have immune-supporting effects, anti-inflammatory effects, normalize liver enzymes, support normal cardiovascular function, cholesterol-lowering, blood pressure-lowering, with possible anticoagulant and antitumor effects.
  • Ginseng: may increase mental and physical performance, improve concentration, lower blood sugar, have immune-boosting effects, normalize blood pressure, have good effects on joints, help to regulate sugar levels, and may have potency-enhancing effects.
  • Prickly pear: may have anti-inflammatory effects, may also lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, support metabolic processes and have a beneficial effect on digestion.
  • White kidney beans: can bind carbohydrates and starch, may help maintain a healthy weight.
  • Grapeseed extract: can prevent damage to human cells, tissues, premature aging, thereby strengthening the vascular walls, reduce cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis.
  • Collagen: can provide stability to joints, elasticity, resistance, durability of joint ligaments and joint capsule.
  • L-carnitine: may contribute to healthy heart function, delay the aging process of cells.
  • Calcium: may help relieve allergy symptoms and insomnia, and may help transmit impulses in the nervous system.
  • Coenzyme Q10: may reduce oxidation processes in the blood and improve the functioning of the vascular wall.
  • Stevia 100% plant sweetener. Can reduce high blood pressure, can be consumed by diabetics, can prevent tooth decay.
  • Palm milk powder: can be consumed by people with lactose intolerance.

What is the recommended daily intake?

Ayura coffee specialities can be consumed daily. 1-2 sachets daily are recommended.

How do I get the products?

The easiest way to order our products is from our webshop.

What is the difference between Ayura Black Coffee and Cappuccino?

Ayura Black Coffee does not contain palm milk powder and stevia, it is a product designed for black coffee lovers to experience the healthy power of Ayura Black Coffee.

In contrast, Ayura Cappuccino contains palm milk powder and stevia. This is how we made the really strong black coffee taste silkier, so that as many people as possible can taste the power of health in 1 cup of cappuccino.

Can people with diabetes drink Ayura Black Coffee and Cappuccino?

We recommend both our products to diabetics because Ayura Black Coffee does not contain any artificial sweeteners, and Ayura Cappuccino is designed to have a sweet taste effect with stevia, which is safe for diabetics to consume.

Credit card payments – frequently asked questions


What types of cards can I use to pay?

Embossed cards from VISA and Mastercard and some VISA Electron, V Pay cards. The possibility to use VISA Electron cards online depends on the bank issuing the card. VISA Electron cards issued by CIB can be used for online purchases.

Which banks’ cards are suitable for online payments?

All VISA and Mastercard/Maestro cards that have been authorised for internet payments by the issuing bank, as well as webcards specifically designed for internet use.

Can I pay with a debit card?

It is not possible to pay online with loyalty point cards issued by merchants/service providers.

Can I pay with co-branded cards?

You can pay with any co-branded card that is a MasterCard or VISA card suitable for online payments.


How does the banking background process for online payments work?

The customer initiates the payment on the merchant’s/service provider’s website after choosing the payment method by credit card, which results in being redirected to the Bank’s payment page with a secure communication channel. To make the payment, you will be required to enter your card number, expiry date and the 3-digit validation code on the signature strip on the back of the card. The transaction is initiated by you and from then on the card is subject to real-time authorisation, which checks the authenticity of the card data, the coverage and the purchase limit. If all the data are correct for the transaction to proceed, the amount to be paid is blocked on your card by your account (card issuing) bank. The amount will be debited (deducted) from your account within a few days, depending on the account-keeping bank.

How does online card purchase differ from traditional card payments?

There are card present and card not present transactions. A Card Present transaction is performed using a POS terminal device. After swiping the card and entering the PIN code, the terminal contacts the cardholder’s bank via the authorisation centre and, depending on the type of the card and the card issuer, via the VISA or MasterCard network. This is where the validity and coverage check (authorisation) takes place. The POS terminal (or the merchant) receives the approval or rejection on a reverse route. The customer signs the receipt. Card not Present is a transaction where the credit card is not physically present. This includes mail, telephone and electronic (internet) transactions where the customer (cardholder) initiates the transaction by entering card details on a secure (256-bit encrypted) payment page. You will receive an authorisation number for a successful transaction, which is the same as the number on the paper receipt.

What does the reservation mean?

Once the transaction is known to the bank, it is immediately followed by a reservation (blocking), as the official data must first be received before the actual debit can take place, which takes a few days and during which the amount purchased can be spent again. Therefore, with the reservation, the money purchased or withdrawn is isolated and placed under reservation. The reserved amount is added to the account balance, i.e. it earns interest, but cannot be spent again. Reservation ensures that transactions that are no longer covered can be rejected, even though the account balance would in principle still allow this.


Under what circumstances can a transaction fail?

Usually, a payment order is not accepted by the issuing bank (i.e. where the customer received the card); but when a bank card is used, this may also be because the request for authorisation does not reach the issuing bank due to a telecommunication or IT error.

Card-related error

– The card is not suitable for Internet payments.

– Use of the card over the Internet is prohibited by the account-holding bank.

– Use of the card is prohibited.

– Card details (card number, expiry date, signature strip code) have been incorrectly entered.

– The card has expired.

Account-related error

– Not enough funds to complete the transaction.

– The transaction amount exceeds the purchase limit of the card.

Contact error

– The line may have been disconnected during the transaction. Please try again.

– The transaction failed due to a timeout. Please try again.

Technical error

– If you have not returned to the merchant/service provider’s site from the payment page, the transaction failed.

– If you have returned from the payment page, but the browser returns to the payment page via “back”, “reload” or “refresh”, your transaction will be automatically rejected for security reasons.

What should I do if the payment fails?

A transaction ID is generated for each transaction and we recommend that you record it. If a transaction is rejected by your bank during the payment attempt, please contact your account-holding bank.

Why contact the account-holding bank if the payment fails?

During the card verification process, the account-holding (card issuing) bank will notify the collecting (acquiring) merchant’s bank whether the transaction can be completed. The acquiring bank is not allowed to disclose confidential information to a customer of another bank, only the bank that identifies the cardholder is entitled to do so.

What does it mean if I have received an SMS from my bank about the reservation/ blocking of the amount, but the merchant/service provider indicates that the payment was unsuccessful?

This can happen if the card has been verified on the payment page but you have not returned to the merchant/service provider’s website. In this case, the transaction is considered incomplete and therefore automatically unsuccessful. In this case, the amount will not be charged to your card and the reservation will be cancelled.


What does VeriSign and TLS 256-bit encrypted communication channel mean?

TLS is an abbreviation for Transport Layer Security, an accepted encryption method. Our bank has a 256-bit encryption key that protects the communication channel. A company called VeriSign enables CIB Bank to use the 256-bit key to provide TLS-based encryption. This encryption method is currently used in 90% of the world’s electronic commerce. The browser program used by the customer uses TLS to encrypt the cardholder’s data before it is sent, so that it is encrypted before it reaches CIB Bank and cannot be read by unauthorised persons.

After payment, my browser warned me that I was leaving the security zone. Is my payment secure?

To a full extent yes. The payment process takes place over a 256-bit encrypted communication channel and is therefore completely secure. After the transaction you will be returned to the merchant’s website, if the merchant’s site is not encrypted, your browser will warn you that you have left the encrypted channel. This does not pose any risk to the security of your payment.

What does the CVC2 / CVV2 code mean?

The Card Verification Code for MasterCard and the Card Verification Value for Visa is a numeric value encoded on the magnetic stripe of a bank card that can be used to verify the authenticity of a card. The so-called CVC2 code, which is the last three digits of the numerical sequence on the back of Mastercard/Maestro cards, must be entered when making purchases online.

What is Verified by Visa?

Visa cardholders registered with Verified by Visa choose a password with the issuing bank to identify themselves when shopping online and to protect against unauthorised use of Visa cards. CIB Bank accepts cards issued under the Verified by Visa scheme.

What is Mastercard SecureCode?

Mastercard/Maestro cardholders registered with Mastercard SecureCode choose a password with the issuing bank to identify themselves when shopping online and to protect against unauthorised use of Mastercard/Maestro cards. CIB Bank accepts cards issued under the Mastercard SecureCode system.

What does the UCAF code mean?

In the case of MasterCard/Maestro cards, it is a unique code that you may have received from your card issuing bank. If you have not received one, leave this field blank.

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